History of Chile Chico / Lago G. Carrera

The District of Chile Chico was created in the early twentieth century, when several colonist families arrived from Argentina.

In 1931, the Town of Chile Chico was officially acknowledged, fourteen years after having started the "War of Chile Chico” against the livestock entrepreneurs who claimed the property of the lands because they had been licensed to Santiago. The death of three colonists killed by carabineros caused a strong impact on Chilean society and the government was forced to end the license agreement and to consolidate the presence of colonists in the region.

Chile Chico is part of the XI Region of Aysén of Gral. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, it occupies a surface of 4,669 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 4,000 denizens.

The territory of Chile Chico goes from the Argentinian border to the Northern Ice Field and it lies on the shores of Lake General Carrera. The towns of Puerto Guadal, Fachinal, Mallín Grande and Puerto Bertrand are part of it.

Chile Chico or “City of the Sun” is characterized by its mild climate and agriculture is one of its main resources. There is a sunny micro-climate, highly suitable to grown a wide array of species.