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A Waterfall in Puyuhuapi

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Hiking gives energy to our body and nature gives pleasure to our soul. Setting a goal is just an excuse to experience these sensations.

Hiking to a Waterfall in Puyuhuapi Fjord

While staying at the Ecolodge, we were invited to join a group that was leaving on a hiking tour towards the closest waterfall. We woke up very early in the morning, enjoyed the delicious breakfast we were served and got ready to set out.

We chose comfortable clothes and footwear and met the rest of the group at the club house at the time we had arranged. Juan, our guide, arrived soon afterwards and we made all the arrangements to start the tour.

As the waterfall is on the opposite margin of the Queulat River, it was necessary for us to cross to the other bank by boat. Carrying our paddles and backpacks, we left towards the shore feeling fine.

The river was fast-flowing and narrow. In a matter of minutes we were on the other side. A sign-posted trail was the starting point for our adventure. Following a single file, we followed Juan’s step. We felt the lush vegetation covering our heads.

The humidity of the environment was the result of the great deal of water threads coming down the mountain. All the trees were covered by thick moss and we were astonished to see so many parasite, climbing plants giving shape to an endless vegetable web.

During this first stretch, we crossed several bridges that added an adventurous feeling to our hike. Some low trees made us duck; we went over some bulky logs too.

“The trail goes up little by little; we will move slowly and keep strength for what is coming”, Juan said, and he gave us plenty of information about plants and birds.

Hiking to a Waterfall in Puyuhuapi Fjord

We were surprised to find a clearing in the forest where several benches made of local wood were ready to help us have a momentary rest.

Juan told us: “We will reach a 90-meter-high cascade. That is the height we have to sort out. I always warn everyone in case they prefer to wait here until we come back”. “A good place to enjoy reading by the murmuring creek”, was our thought.

We went through a myrtle-tree forest with huge rocks. The roots of these trees were at sight and entwined with the rocks giving shape to an uneven ground. The reddish hue of the trunks gave color to the surroundings: everything around was like cinnamon.

With great surprise, we came across several small works of engineering made with logs: rails and steps on the ground let us sort out obstacles easily. These aids were very well built and in perfect harmony with the local nature.

The birds, used to the silence, felt we were invading them. A small chucao with orange chest, brown head and very powerful trill detected our presence. It surely lived without any fear as this is not a very popular place for visitors.

We made a halt at a viewpoint and Juan encouraged us as we were very near our destination. The sound of the water reached our ears and gave evidence that he was not lying.

Hiking to a Waterfall in Puyuhuapi Fjord

Reaching the waterfall on foot meant having reached our destination and enjoying the fantastic force of the waters but also a strategic observation spot. We saw the source of the waterfall, Queulat Fjord and the Queulat River and the Southern Road. Everything was there for us to enjoy it to the utmost.

We can just watch nature and enjoy it. This time, we chose to interact and receive that endless satisfaction resulting from the effort made amidst nature.

Hiking to a Waterfall in Puyuhuapi Fjord


Fiordo Queulat Ecolodge

Pque. Queulat, Km. 192 R. Austral, (6010000) , Puyuhuapi, XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
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2 hours.


Trail: low difficulty at the first stretch and intermediate difficulty at the higher part. Even though it is well sign-posted, it is not advisable to go there alone, especially due to the steep slopes.

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Hiking tours and kayaking activities are available for guests at the Ecolodge cabin resort and also for day visitors (subject to vacancy).
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Fiordo Queulat Ecolodge

Pque. Queulat, Km. 192 R. Austral
XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Tel: +56 67-2233302
Cel: +56 999193520

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