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Relax in two hot springs in Puyuhuapi

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Hot springs flow to the surface near the town of Puyuhuapi. A combination of rest and health which fills the body and spirit with endless delight.

Hot Springs Tour in Puyuhuapi

As we visited the Queulat National Park, we learned about an area of volcanic origin with warm groundwater emerging towards the Puyuhuapi sea fjord. This explains the existence of hot spring resorts offering splendid benefits.

To get to the Lodge & Spa Termas de Puyuhuapi, we drove along Southern Road and we crossed to the other side of the shore by making a short trip on a motorboat called “ La Dorita”, where the resort was awaiting us.

Located in Del Ventisquero Inlet, we were open mouthed by the appearance of the apart hotel and spa. We were welcomed by a beach, outdoor pools and a main building amid an incredible native forest.

Once we toured the facilities along with Annet and Rodrigo, we went to the changing rooms to put on comfortable clothes and take a bath in one of the outdoor pools. In touch with nature, we stayed submerged for a while. Warm and cool water cascades fell naturally down on pools.

Relaxed and with a peaceful feeling thanks to the water temperature, we learned that each pool had a different temperature. The nearby pools are covered with ferns, which made us feel alone in the middle of nature.

Hot Springs Tour in Puyuhuapi

A tiny tub full of very cold water was prepared to submerge our feet after our hot springs bathing to regulate our body temperature. We felt an amazing pleasure: as if our body was lighter. We decided to stretch our rest while staring at the sea.

“Those who want a powerful energy bath simply move from hot springs to a frozen water cascade or take a dip in the sea a few meters from the pools”, Annet said. These waters of volcanic origin are highly mineralized.

As she talked, we imagined taking baths at night and enjoying its deep silence only interrupted by the croaking of frogs and the sound of waves over the beach.

This complex of cabins and apart hotel offers accommodation including the use of the indoor pool at the central hall. This resort provides spa services run by qualified staff: thalassotherapy, hydromassage, mud therapy, and massage with elements from nature.

For a longer stay, visitors may enjoy complementary activities, such as, water sports, fishing outings and hiking with flora and fauna watching.

On our arrival on motorboat, we felt we had relieved the stress of everyday life.

Hot Springs Tour in Puyuhuapi

We still had another hot springs resort near Puyuhuapi along the same Southern Road left to visit. Just 6 kilometers away from town, Termas del Ventisquero offers to spend a pleasant day in the waters of volcanic origin in combination with the sea waters.

We visited these hot springs after a hard hiking tour on mountainous terrain. On our arrival, we met the owner of the venue, Mr. Luis Calderón, who guided us through the facilities.

On the coast, the complex resembles a balcony overlooking the sea, a very harmonious design in tune with nature. Three thermal pools with temperature ranging from 20° to 35° and 40° may be used provided that visitors stay no longer than 20 minutes.

Surrounded by a pleasant environment and lush vegetation, we believe that this hot springs resort is still in its first stage.

We put on comfortable clothes and went to the average temperature pool to enjoy its warm waters. With unusual transparency, these waters made us feel a pleasant sensation, we closed our eyes as we rested our head against the pool edge.

Only some seconds before the recommended 20 minutes were due, we emerged from the water and immediately felt the difference between the hot springs and the sea air, cooler but agreeable. Then, we moved onto a coach for a relax massage.

From a huge rock located in another part of the beach, we saw how hot spring waters at a high temperature emerged and flowed towards the sea. “Once in contact with seawater, these waters reach about 30° and we are keep these waters in reserve in the same pool”, Mr. Calderón said.

After a hard walk, the thermal bath was fantastic and refreshing. The pools may be used until 11 pm. We imagined a starry night above our heads and a mild agreeable bath for our bodies.

Hot Springs Tour in Puyuhuapi

Once again, we could confirm that the earth is endlessly generous, noble and always offers its wonders to us. We should take advantage of them by protecting our environment.


Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa

Bahía Dorita s/n, (6010000) , Puyuhuapi, XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Tel: +56 67-2325129
Cel: +56 9987682772
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Hot Springs

Useful Data

How to get there

13 km from Puyuhuapi and 213 km from Coyhaique

Opening hours

The company motorboat crosses the river various times
a day.

Bear in mind

Confirmation of schedule and services by phone.


Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa

Bahía Dorita s/n
XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Tel: +56 67-2325129
Cel: +56 9987682772

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