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Getting to Know Puyuhuapi and its People

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Getting around the town will take a few minutes and we will remember it for life.

City Tour around Puyuhuapi

Touring around Puyuhuapi does not imply just walking its streets, crossing its river and approaching the sea at the waterfront. This is much more than that as its interesting history lies behind each construction, each personal or community undertaking.

Therefore, we thought it was a great opportunity to let Luisa Ludwig, the daughter of one of the first German pioneers who arrived in Puyuhuapi, to guide us around. She witnessed the growth of the town and the feeling involved in every inch of improved land.

History Becomes Present

Very slowly and enjoying every word articulated by Luisa, we started the itinerary on the shore, from where we could spot two emblematic houses. The Grand House, painted yellow and brown, brandishes its ancient structure at the top of a hill. It was built by the first German pioneers who arrived in Puyuhuapi.

Another one, more blended inside the urban shell, is the old Ludwig House. Painted yellow and built shortly afterwards, it lies on the South access to town on the Southern Road. They both set a very interesting architectural period and style.

Walking along the bay, we reached the old pier and imagined those small colorful boats leaving to the sea together with sacrificed fishermen in search of shellfish and fish. In the distance, the road to the South could be seen bordering the shore.

The fjord has a U-shape and as there is no wind in that area, the sea seemed to be calm. At night, clouds usually pose on the waters as if they wanted to give them shelter. Early in the morning they drift lazily away from the sea and fade slowly away.

Getting past the wetlands, on the shore, several grey heron were taking care of their nests. According to Luisa, black necked swan also get to this zone.

On the waterfront, the streets from the town converge with the gentle bustle of its active life.

City Tour around Puyuhuapi

On the road to the center, we went over the Pascua River, which starts at a valley, accompanies life in town and empties into the sea. Its upper course is an exceptional fishing location.

We arrived in the main street, named after Otto Uebel, one of the town pioneers. This street is outlined by the most of the shops in town, the fire department and the Carabiniers station. The fine signs made in wood and reading the names of streets and stores caught our attention. Likewise, the gardens ornamented with flowers and a good shade of green are the emblem of Puyuhuapi. It is very pleasant to see how the inhabitants of this town know and greet one another across the street.

City Tour around Puyuhuapi

During our conversation with Luisa, we asked her about the festivals held there. She told us: “Early in February, the anniversary of Puyuhuapi is celebrated. All sorts of contests besides sports, in which children and grown-ups take part, are organized and everyone has a lot of fun. The election of the queen is the most formal event in this celebration”.

Like every small town away from large cities, it has a life of its own through its multiple community activities, the four football clubs, the outdoor recreational field and the indoor gym.

It was confirmed by Luisa when she said: “Luckily, both adults and young people are very active and many parties, contests and celebrations are organized throughout the year”.

We visited the only Catholic Church in town, made of wood and painted blue with ivy covering the walls of its facade. It was almost recently built and particularly picturesque.

City Tour around Puyuhuapi

Known worldwide, the carpet factory owned by the Hopperdietzel family has produced excellent items by hand during the last 60 years. Knot to knot, with sheep wool, craft woven by local hands, it settled down in Puyuhuapi its spinning mill workshop, the factory and the sales room.

Soon, we were back at the starting point: the shore. We gave another look to this mountain village with a simple life but with an interesting history and we felt that there was still too much to be discovered and that it was worth touring around it again.

City Tour around Puyuhuapi
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