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Mare Australis Cruising

Mónica Pons Gentileza Cruceros Australis

We sailed across the channels and fjords of the western coast of Tierra del Fuego. Immersed amidst landscapes of unquestionable solitude and beauty, we reached the southernmost point in the planet: Cape Horn.

Navigation around Cape Horn from Punta Arenas

From the Chilean city of Punta Arenas, between October and April, you can explore the farthest and most virgin region of the world aboard the expedition cruiser Stella Australis. There are alternative programs of 4 and 7 nights to navigate through Magellan Strait and the Beagle Channel.

The eternal ice, the silence only broken by the croaking of birds following the ship, the imposing beauty of nature defying gravity are only some of the sensations that you will keep forever in your memory.

Navigation around Cape Horn from Punta Arenas

Above the boat again, we continue sailing to Tuckers Islets visited a colony of Magellanic penguins. Continuing south, we landed next to the Pia glacier, making a trekking to a spectacular vantage point where the ice world made us feel small.

The Mare Australis belongs to a new generation of ships, designed with imagination and within the concept of expedition. It is much more than a cruising: you will experience the adventure of exploring virgin lands, magic fjords and bays, and spectacular glaciers.

Navigation around Cape Horn from Punta Arenas

Once back to the Beagle Channel, the stage continued observing the Glacier Alley leading to Ushuaia and Isla Navarino. This would give us to talk about the next day.

We continue to the southernmost point of our adventure: Cape Horn, crossroads of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans; It is also the last headland before leaving the continent to cross Antarctica. In the final stretch of navigation, we disembark at Wulaia Bay, where Charles Darwin first met the yámanas ..

This combination of permafrost, deep and mysterious fjords and unspoiled areas left us shocking sensations that made the tour with the cruise Stella Australis an unforgettable experience.

Navigation around Cape Horn from Punta Arenas


Cruceros Australis

Lautaro Navarro 1228, (6200000) , Punta Arenas, XII Región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena
Tel: +56 2-28400100

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4 days and 3 nights.


In all cases, the expedition guides will comment on the degree of difficulty of the trekking excursions. There are low, intermediate and high level hikes along the trip.

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The Mare Australis has three levels of cabins for accommodation. The difference among them not only lies on where they are located. Accommodation on the top decks is more expensive, as better panoramic sights may be caught from there. As the ship sails across latitudes where the temperatures are low, I recommend that you pack warm clothes such as sweaters, jackets, gloves and hiking boots to be worn during landings. Inside the ship, the temperatures are mild; therefore, I suggest that you wear sport clothes.
The rate includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, open bar, daily excursions on land, welcome and farewell cocktails.
An aspect to bear in mind is that the cruiseship does not have elevators or other special services for the disabled.


Cruceros Australis

Lautaro Navarro 1228
Punta Arenas
XII Región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena
Tel: +56 2-28400100

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