History of Lago Verde

The primitive dwellers of Lago Verde were Tehuelche nomads, hunters and gatherers who fed basically on cougar, huemul and guanaco meat.

The spontaneous colonization of this area took place in the early 1900s. More precisely, in 1914, after the first settler arrived, Chilean and Argentinian families coming from Patagonia started to migrate to this location.

By the mid twentieth century, a Frenchman called Eduardo Simon reached Lago Verde after purchasing many hectares and founding estancia Cacique Blanco, an estate that created several jobs related to cattle raising and sheep husbandry.

The community of Lago Verde was constituted in 1979 and the Town Hall was established two years later. At present, Lago Verde Week is celebrated every year in February. This is one of the major events in the region and it implies several traditional activities such as displaying rural men skills, particular cuisine and cultural customs.

Lago Verde is highly attractive. Its scenic beauty is made up by green woods, glaciers, lakes and steppe. A specially rural atmosphere.