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More advice

More Advice


Remember to declare all electronic items less than one year old, such as: photographic cameras, video cameras, cell phones, and so on.

Portable Computers

Keep only the necessary confidential information in your hard disk. Pack all the accessories you may need during your trip: extra batteries, disks, transformer or voltage converter, phone adaptors, etc. We recommend that you hire a transit insurance against robbery or loss.

Do not dispatch your laptop computer. Should you not use it during your flight, keep it under the seat in front.

Cell Phones

Carry a spare battery for long trips. If you rent a car, make sure you get the charge adaptor for the lighter.

Jet Lag

When traveling from East to West, it is advisable to go to bed and get up one or two hours earlier than usual. Instead, if you travel from West to East, you must go to bed and get up later than usual. During the flight, it is convenient to get as much sleep as possible.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol, coffee and other beverages with caffeine.

Traveling with Children

Children under 2 can travel without paying a ticket provided that they travel on the lap of one of their companions.

Try to feed your baby before taking off and after you arrive. This will help the child relief the pressure that can be experienced on its ears.

You can also take chewing gum for older children for the same purpose.

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Adventure Travel

Adventure travel and extreme sports -in their different disciplines- tend to increase the number of followers all round the world. Chile is an ideal scene for lovers of adventure willing to receive a good dose of adrenaline. Here they will find circuits featuring various degrees of difficulty that will let them share tours with the family as well as enjoy activities in which experience and risk should be endured personally.

Photo Show

Welcome Chile has a site where you can enjoy the photographs of this magnificent country. From the Atacama desert in the north, to the exclusive and majestic beaches in Viña del Mar and la Serena, along with beautiful Patagonia in the Lake District and the southernmost region in the country. Discover the beauty of Chile through its pictures.

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