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Before travelling


Medical Insurance

Remember to make sure your medical insurance will cover up for emergencies abroad and how you can access this service at your destination.


According to the place you will visit, it is important to see a doctor and ask about immunization and obligatory and/or recommended vaccines for such destination. Bear in mind that you should get these vaccines in time, as some of them must be applied between 6 and 8 weeks before your departure.


In some places, it is advisable not to consume tap water, drink only mineral water and avoid eating fresh vegetables, fruit with skin and ice.

Prescribed Medication

If you are on some prescribed medication, ask your doctor for a brief description of the same and the reason why you have been prescribed such drug. Likewise, it would be convenient to find out at the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit about the legality of entering its territory carrying certain medicine or drug.

Remember to keep prescribed medicines in their original containers and to get a copy of your case history.


Travel Documents

Carry copies of your plane ticket, passport and/or visa, driver’s permit, credit cards, travelers’ checks, business documents, reservation numbers, accommodation and car rental information. It is also advisable to leave a copy of each of these items at home or at the office.

Luggage Identificatios

Use labels to identify your luggage. Make sure you remove all identifications from previous trips in order to avoid confusions, as this is one of the most common reasons for luggage to end up in the wrong flight.

Hand Luggage

It is advisable to pack clothes for two days in your hand luggage, in case your luggage is kept from you. Furthermore, remember to include a copy of your travel documents in your handbag.


Remember to inform your family and friends about the most relevant information in your itinerary.

As well, do not carry money, documents, travelers’ checks and credit cards all in the same place. In the event of some contingency or emergency, make sure some of these items is available.

When you are at a terminal security area, make sure you remain close to your personal belongings and, before leaving, check you do not leave anything behind.

If you are robbed or fall victim to any other crime, contact the police immediately and make sure you get a copy of the complaint to present it before the insurance company.

Car Rental

Before picking up a car from the selected company, inspect the vehicle in order to check any damages, make sure the spare tire is in good condition and that the vehicle has the necessary tools to change a flat tire. Likewise, check that all lights work properly and that the fuel tank is full, as this is included in the rate. If you detect any abnormality, report it to an agent from the company before leaving. Ask for information and details about insurance, their scope and proceedings in case of any accidents.

Before paying for your car insurance, check if your insurance company, your credit card or personal insurance covers for any inconvenience. Make a copy of your car rental agreement and carry it with you along with the original.

If somebody distracts you on the road or your car is pushed by another car, do not stop until you get to a well lighted and busy area. If this is not possible, blow the horn repeatedly until somebody comes along to help you. Do not leave maps, guides or bags at sight in the car. If your place your belongings on the side seat, lock the door.

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Ski Resorts

When the snow comes, skiing in Chile becomes irresistible. The spirit of the white sports is reborn and the new winter season begins to be outlined at each ski resort in the country. The modern lifts as well as the varied infrastructure satisfy the most demanding visitors, who assert the qualities of Chile for winter sports year after year.

Digital Postcards

In Welcome Chile you may find the magic of photography in this section called “Digital Postcards”. Here is a chance for visitors to be delighted by an outstanding number of specially selected images that show the best sites in this beautiful country organized by regions.

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