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Interesting data

Interesting Data

Entrance Formalities

As a main requirement to enter the country, it is essential to have an updated passport, except for citizens from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, who may only present their valid IDs.

Although countries like Peru, France, Venezuela and New Zealand maintain diplomatic relations with Chile, their citizens must carry out all necessary proceedings to get a tourist visa and previous authorization from the Foreign Office to enter Chile. The same proceedings must be carried out by citizens from countries holding no diplomatic relations with Chile.

In the case of travelers from Croatia, they only need to show their valid passport (no visa is needed) and citizens from Bolivia must have a tourist visa but no prior enquiry is needed.

On the border, the International Police Force delivers travelers a Tourist Card, a non-transferable personal document valid for 90 days, period which may be extended for other 90 days by carrying out certain proceedings at the Regional Intendancy foreign offices. This card must be returned at the migrations office when leaving Chile.


Tourists entering the country by car through mountain passes from Argentina must fill in a unique form for temporary admission and departure of vehicles.

Those entering from Peru and Bolivia must get a Temporary Import document valid for 90 days.

To drive inside Chile, Argentinian visitors must carry a driving permit issued at their native country. Instead, tourists from other countries must have an international permit granted at their native country.


When entering Chile, it is not necessary to declare items of personal use at Customs such as: items of personal hygiene, electrical appliances, clothes, portable photographic cameras, typewriters, calculators and specific objects for professional practices; 400 cigarette units, 500 grams of tobacco, 50 cigar units; 2.5 liters of alcoholic drinks.

In the case of objects such as video cameras, video equipments, furs and the like, visitors must fill in a Temporary Import Request and present it before the International Police.

Beyond the items detailed above, Customs officers may check and withhold any other item, impose fines or other penalties.


The SAG, Servicio Agrícola Ganadero (Agricultural and Cattle Service) performs a sanitary control enforcing the regulations that ban the entrance of products and by-products of vegetable and animal origin, except for some products with Official Sanitary Certificate issued by the country of origin.

Pets such as cats and dogs may enter the country provided that they have vaccines against distemper and rabies (with Vaccination Certificate endorsed by the corresponding Chilean Consulate).


At present, no vaccine or medical tests are required to enter Chile.

Time Zone

Continental Chile and Chilean Antarctica: correspond to 60° W meridian (Zh = + 4). In the summer (from the 2nd Saturday of October to the 2nd Saturday in March): 45° meridian time (Zh = +3).

Insular Chile: corresponds to 90° W meridian (Zh = + 6). Summer time: 60 minutes ahead along with the continental time zone: 75° W meridian time (Zh = +5), keeping a two-hour difference.


By phone: the country code from abroad is 56 and the area code for Santiago is 2. Furthermore, there are several communications companies offering telephone services with several rates according to the time of the day. Therefore, it is advisable to find out about discounts before making a call.

Tourist Information

Fono: (56-2) 731 83 36 – 731 83 37

Fono: (56-2) 601 9320 Santiago / Chile

Besides, you may ask for information at the regional offices listed at each of our tourist destinations under the heading General Information.

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