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Las Tres Marías, the Longest Ski Trail

Pablo Etchevers Jorge González

This is the name given to one of the longest and most beautiful ski trails in the country, worldwide known by fans of this sport.

Visit to the Termas de Chillán Ski Resort

From the base, the image of the trails, the forest, the fumaroles and the volcano are real visions of paradise. With snow-capped peaks from every point of view, this ski resort is one of the most beautiful in the country.

In addition to the Grand Hotel, luxurious resorts have been settled to the foot of the mount. The presence of a thick forest and pools of hot spring waters make this site an ideal place for skiing and enjoying the mountain during the winter season.

As the chairlifts pass practically in front of the various resorts and hotels, guests may ski out of their rooms.

Visit to the Termas de Chillán Ski Resort

2,500-meter long Don Otto chairlift is the longest in all Latin America and it gains such significant height that visitors may observe the majestic resort and the vastness of the mountain range. Incredible, indeed.

Las Tres Marías, a Divine Luxury

The most emblematic trail in this ski resort has come to be called ”Las Tres Marías”. Stretching along 13 kilometers across native forests of singular beauty, this is the longest ski trail in Latin America.

The resort features trails for the most experienced skiers as well as for beginners who are adding their first hours to this fascinating sport. But there are also many circuits specially designed for intermediate skiers, those who only practice for a couple of seasons.

Visit to the Termas de Chillán Ski Resort

There is an excellent ski school with instructors who visit the best ski resorts in the world on a regular basis. Visitors may also take some snowboarding or randonee and Nordic skiing lessons. Children have access to a ski school where they can learn their first steps even in the company of their parents.

In addition to all these features, the beauty of the surroundings and the possibility of skiing across unspoiled forests help us understand why this resort has become a favorite amongst skiers from all over the country and the world.

Visit to the Termas de Chillán Ski Resort


Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán

Termas de Chillán, (3780000) , Chillán, VIII Región del Biobio
Tel: +56 42-2434200
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Dog-pulled sleds are another great attraction at this ski resort. Though suitable for visitors in general, this kind of outings is generally preferred by children.


Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán

Termas de Chillán
VIII Región del Biobio
Tel: +56 42-2434200

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