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Ascent of the Chillán Volcano

Pablo Etchevers Jorge González

On horseback, on foot or else on the chairlifts leading to the volcano, reaching the fumaroles is something visitors cannot miss.

Visit to the Chillán Volcano

One has to wake up there in order to understand. It is during the first hours of the morning that the then cold temperature unveils a group of geysers on the hillside which let out their steam into the sky, as if it was blessed smoke trying to tell us something and resolving to be quiet at midday. Only when the sun sets and temperature goes down, do these geysers become alive again.

During the summer months, various excursions leave from the Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán, as well as from the surroundings of Las Trancas Valley, on foot, on horseback or else on the chairlifts in order to appreciate this phenomenon from the ski runs reaching this area.

The ascent circuit crosses a field featuring a blackish color due to the presence of volcanic rocks. Wildlife mapping along with other attractions, among which the particular colors of the mountains stand out, follow one another.

Visit to the Chillán Volcano

Trek to the Volcano

Another mandatory excursion is a trekking tour to the summit of the Chillán Volcano.

From the base of the great hotel, visitors must take one of the chairlifts leaving practically from inside the hotel to the various ski trails and then start a 2-and-a-half-hour hike to the summit of this beautiful geographical feature in the company of a guide.

As they hike along the trail, they may appreciate the highest peaks of the Andes Mountain Range and be surprised at the flight of large birds such as eagles and condors.
Likewise, in a much more earthly environment, it is possible to come across cougars, foxes and hares, whose presence is generally discovered due to their footprints both on the ground and on the snow.

Visit to the Chillán Volcano

A few meters before reaching the summit, visitors may enjoy a unique majestic scenery and panoramic view.

To the left, the fumaroles continue showing the vestiges of the heat flowing from the core of the Earth which man will never fully understand. The charm of Mother Nature rests upon this.

Visit to the Chillán Volcano
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Bear in mind

When climbing to the top of the volcano, it is essential to be accompanied by some of the mountain guides that organize this kind of excursion. This is a way of guaranteeing a pleasant ascent free of possible accidents or disorientation.

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