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Las Trancas Valley: Nature in the Surroundings of Chillán.

Pablo Etchevers Jorge González

Before reaching the Chillán Hot Springs, this singular tourist valley offers great attractions at any season. Do not miss it.

Visit to the Las Trancas Valley tourist - Chillán

Situated 70 kilometers from the City of Chillán, and only 5 kilometers before reaching the famous hot springs, Las Trancas Valley is a site of impressive natural beauty that should not be missed.
Cabins and hotel resorts bordered by rivers, mountains, cascades and waterfalls, as well as natural trails and a native forest that encloses the small shire, are some elements that stand out at first sight as visitors choose the activity they will practice.

During the winter, the place turns into a snowy valley that attracts thousands of tourists who come along to have fun with the snow and winter sports.

Natural anteroom of the ski resort, on its main street, visitors may rent skis and snowboards, as well as the appropriate snow costumes to bear the low winter temperatures.

Visit to the Las Trancas Valley tourist - Chillán

Snowshoeing, snowmobile tours and rides on sleds pulled by dogs are other activities available everyday towards the various corners of the forest.

When the Sun Shines

If there is one season when everything changes, that is spring. The soils become fertile and colorful and everything blooms as days last longer.

The majestic presence of the Chillán Volcano, which only unveils its white profile, begins to change remarkably and the possibility of attempting an ascent to its summit becomes real.

Visit to the Las Trancas Valley tourist - Chillán

During the warm spring and summer days, tours to El Huemul Lagoon, the Shangrilá Valley, the Pincheira Cave or the falls known as Salto del Soldado (Soldier’s Fall) or Velo de la Novia (Bride’s Veil) are the most usual alternatives for visitors staying at the valley.

El Huemul Lagoon is nestled in one of the highest hills in the area and it is reached after a hiking tour that takes several hours and displays an excellent panoramic sight, not only over the lagoon, but also over the entire volcanic region.

Horses and saddles are also part of the popular folklore observed in the summer. It is then when guides and locals show the various mountain trails and tours on horseback, whether to go fishing at the Diguillín River or else to reach the volcano fumaroles.

Visit to the Las Trancas Valley tourist - Chillán

For those who enjoy hiking, there are really magical trails with various degrees of difficulty, ideal for beginners and for experts on this activity.


Oficina de Turismo

18 de Septiembre 455, (3780000) , Chillán, VIII Región del Biobio
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The end of the summer is marked by the coming of the fall. As the primitive peoples assured, the leaves falling off the trees and the animals changing their fur are the marks of the death of the sun. And man is part of this natural phenomenon. At Las Trancas Valley, these changes of colors and sensations are perfectly evident.


Oficina de Turismo

18 de Septiembre 455
VIII Región del Biobio

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