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The Gabriela Mistral Museum opens its gates to pay tribute to the well known local writer. It displays Gabriela’s personal belongings, awards and works.

Gabriela Mistral Museum - Vicuña

The Gabriela Mistral Museum is located in the City of Vicuña. The most important events in the life of this poet who was granted the Nobel Literature Prize in 1945 and the National Literature Prize in her country in 1952, as well as her work, may be observed during a visit to this institution.

As soon as visitors enter the venue, the original decoration of Gabriela’s birthplace may be noticed, featuring the typical size and style of the buildings raised on those days. The original house was torn down in 1925 as it was unsuitable for dwelling. The rest of the construction was completed in the orchard of the writer’s property.

Gabriela Mistral Museum - Vicuña

The museum collection includes awards, letters and pieces of furniture used by Gabriela. The desk used by the writer at Liceo de Santiago, as well as the important personal book collection that was later donated to the city to make up the first public library in the district, stand out.

Furthermore, the museum houses manuscripts and prose and poetry publications by the author. It also displays material under elaboration and even unfinished works.
The aim of this museum is to bring Gabriela Mistral and her people together, showing that the roots of this remarkable writer are present in all her works.

Gabriela Mistral Museum - Vicuña

The Gabriela Mistral Museum is an unavoidable part of the folklore of Vicuña and the Elqui Valley. Visitors may breathe that particular atmosphere typical of this region in Chile. We recommend a visit.

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How to get there

The museum stands only 4 blocks away from the main square in Vicuña, at 759, Gabriela Mistral Street.

Opening hours

Mondays thru Fridays, from 9am to 6pm.
Saturdays from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm. On Sundays, the museum opens from 10am to 1pm, only.

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