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The Copper Road: Machalí

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

This is a traditional tour for the inhabitants of Rancagua. Leaving towards the Eastern mountain range, a circuit of very well laid routes and intense green undulations is traveled.

Machalí and the Copper Road - Rancagua

During our stay in Rancagua, we found out what the local dwellers choose to spend a day outdoors and enjoy recreation with the family at weekends: the Copper Road.

Map in hand and on board our vehicle, we had a lunch basket we would enjoy in some nice place we could find. We left Rancagua through Miguel Ramírez Avenue towards Machalí, the first spot we would visit.

We had resolved to cover the entire circuit up to the Río Cipreses National Reserve and stop at those places that might turn out especially attractive for us. We measured the distance: the roundtrip included a hundred and ten kilometers. Excellent. We were already feeling enthusiastic about the idea and set out at the crack of dawn in order to have the entire day for us.

Steps Away from the Great City

Nestled at the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, Machalí is an ancient native settlement featuring a very irregular and picturesque layout and lying only 9 kilometers away from Rancagua.

We were welcomed by its Plaza de Armas. The local craftsmen usually settle down on its gazebo to sell their items made with copper. Very beautiful objects created with an excellent material and good outline made us get involved in their cause: we took our wallets and bought a souvenir.

Machalí and the Copper Road - Rancagua

The houses at Machalí are simple, quaint and painted in varied colors, with a very agile design and various interesting points that let visitors choose according to their own taste.

The dwellers of Machalí have an important tradition of rural celebrations. A place of reference is San Juan Hill, where they usually enjoy picnics under the shady vegetation and take part in some rodeo competitions which are frequently organized in this area. Another interesting point is the Machalí Observatory. Visits to this venue include lectures and day and night observations. This opens up an entirely new field on the grounds of astronomy and the universe, both for visitors and locals.

Machalí is famous for its nightlife, especially in the summer, when the sidewalks are filled with tables and people of all ages who drink beer or enjoy a relaxed conversation with friends.

Machalí and the Copper Road - Rancagua

As the tour continued, we learned about a new project called Ruta Hacienda Machalí, an area featuring great natural and cultural attractions.

La Hacienda, Alto Refugio El Bosque, Santa Bárbara, Rucarayen and La Parcela are some of the names of the venues where visitors may hire horseback tours, enjoy natural pools in bathing resorts, observe nature, taste excellent wine and rural products and stay at high level cabins.

Farther ahead, vineyards multiply here and there. The green leaves and the grid formed by the neatly cared vegetation stand out. We got off the vehicle for a few minutes and could get proof that some of the plants were taller than a person. Amazing.

Thus, kilometer after kilometer, we discovered some unforgettable sites: an alpaca breeding station; the El Teniente copper mine and the town of Coya; the Cauquenes hot springs and, finally reaching our final destination, the Río Cipreses National Reserve.

Machalí and the Copper Road - Rancagua
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