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Almond Alpacas

Mónica Pons Jorge González

A surprising enterprise that breeds alpacas on the shores of the beautiful Cachapoal River, where an excellent self-sustainable project was fulfilled. A model worth-imitating.

Visit to Alpaca Breeding Station - Rancagua

On the Copper Road, we took a detour at the Nogales Crossroads in order to access this alpaca breeding station.

We were welcomed by charming Silvia Vogel in person. She is the owner and creator of this model center. We visited the facilities used for the reproduction and research of exportation quality alpacas. We set on a long walk during which we admired these sweet and friendly creatures free in their pens.

We saw mothers and their young separated by age. We learned at what age they may mate and how new animals bearing certain features and the desired wool color are genetically obtained. We were also told about the appropriate moment to shear them.

Visit to Alpaca Breeding Station - Rancagua

The owners of this breeding station have been recognized by European venues devoted to assisted reproduction who buy the standing animals after a prior qualification process.

We went around a vast almond tree orchard which has been integrated to the life of these animals as this is their natural food and because the alpaca guano is used as manure for these beautiful plants.

We visited the venue at the exact moment they were collecting the almonds. Therefore, we had the chance to appreciate the technology used for such purpose with specialized machinery and large colossuses or hoppers.

After everything we learned, we could say there exist two parallel processes: animal breeding and almond plantation. Together, they close a perfect circle that is appreciated at first sight.

Visit to Alpaca Breeding Station - Rancagua

Our tour ended in a coquettish room where we could observe the garments made with alpaca wool of various colors and weaving patterns, as well as other accessories with original designs that include copper, another raw material in the region.

We returned to our vehicle with the feeling that we had had an excellent occasion to confirm that when people love their job and the advantages and difficulties of a project are studied, aims are achieved. A real model to imitate.

Visit to Alpaca Breeding Station - Rancagua


Alpacas Machalí

Camino Sauzal Parcela 2, (2820000) , Rancagua, VI Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins
Tel: +56 72-2584484
Cel: +56 988994053
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Some travel and tourist agencies in the area offer a visit to the breeding station. We recommend getting in touch with them.


Alpacas Machalí

Camino Sauzal Parcela 2
VI Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins
Tel: +56 72-2584484
Cel: +56 988994053

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