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Fishing Outing Towards Lake Riesco

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Every bend of the road delighted our eyes with a distinctive and pleasing landscape of a wide palette of colors and a high environmental purity. As we came closer to the lake, we saw salmons in their habitat and we tried to catch them.

Fishing in Lake Riesco - Puerto Aysen

Among the variety of attractions we could explore in the Aysén area, we were suggested that we should visit Lake Riesco. We learned that it was a nice place with good fishing where we could spend the day. Therefore, we started our tour towards this site.

To our great surprise, we found out that the road was as interesting as the destination itself. The environment was so agreeable that we did not notice that we had driven along 26 kilometers.

We set off from the Municipal Avenue and we went past the Presidente Ibáñez suspension bridge. On the left was a gravel road bordering the Aysén River. We could notice that there were inhabitants hidden behind the many bends of the road with many animals grazing on the hillsides.

Little by little, we became aware of a different lifestyle, with simple houses surrounded by tree groves and the sound of the river waters at the back. Besides, the tranquility of the spots allowed a good variety of birds to flutter around here and there.

About 4 kilometers ahead, we were also amazed by this river. A series of rapids among huge rocks interrupted the peaceful flowing of the waters

On each side of the river green plains invited us to sit and observe the flowing of the waters or to sunbathe. We sat there for a long while to watch the white and silver foam.

Fishing in Lake Riesco - Puerto Aysen

Ready for a Change

As we moved ahead, the form of this river changed again: it appeared to be much deeper and its waters more calmed.

We went ahead and in another bend of the river we found a raft with a capacity to carry a maximum of two vehicles at a time which connected both shores. Of small size, with a day schedule and a simple operating system, the crossing took no more than two minutes.

We left the crystal clear river waters behind and we found an affluent, the Blanco River, with its darker waters due to the sediments. Likewise, the surrounding vegetation changed its color and became thicker.

This way led directly to Lake Riesco and a completely different landscape unfolded before our eyes. A green plain, a forest full of huge trees and a wide beach caressing the frozen lake waters awaited us.

Whole families of myrtle trees, with their distinctive colorful red and white streaks on their trunks, occupied an extensive area along with other species of canelo, chilco and michai trees. They provided shade and protection from the wind.

Fishing in Lake Riesco - Puerto Aysen

Just for the pleasure of doing nothing, we lay against a log and we made a list of every plant we saw as each part of the beach stimulated our senses. Sometimes silence was interrupted by the music of the water hitting the beach.

Salmon sport fishing is one of the activities appealing to visitors to this glacial lake that occupies a 14-square kilometer area. From the other coast, we saw salmons but they avoided our fishing rod. We promised to ask for advice and try again.

When we decided to start our way back, another surprise came out. We were on the same route, but seen from another angle. We confirmed what we already knew: the attractive spots are appreciated twice along the round trip.

Fishing in Lake Riesco - Puerto Aysen


Patagonia Green

Av. Lago Riesco 350, (6008102) , Puerto Aysén, XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Tel: +56 67-2336796
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Tour type

Contemplative tourism and fishing outing

Useful Data

Bear in mind

Fishing season from October until March every year.
License required.
Tourist companies offer fishing outings in Lake Riesco.
Windy area.
Camping permitted.


Patagonia Green

Av. Lago Riesco 350
Puerto Aysén
XI Región Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Tel: +56 67-2336796

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