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The coastline of Coquimbo is unique due to its long and soft sandy beaches, sunny climate and warm waters. Here we present the main beach resorts.

Coquimbo Beaches

With a 56-kilometer-long stretch of beaches, Coquimbo boasts one of the most ideal spots offering a wide variety of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, boating, water-ski, water polo, sport fishing and swimming. Another worthy alternative is to enjoy the powdery sandy coasts and warm waters to have a rest. Tejo (a traditional game with flat stones), beach tennis, beach volleyball and the sensation of walking barefoot are some of the options which encourage travelers to relax while enjoying nature. In our way throughout this region, we were tempted to visit some of the most important beach resorts in Coquimbo. Here is a summary of the most typical beaches and of the features which make them unique and exclusive.

Coquimbo Beaches


Just 6 kilometers to the North of Coquimbo, Peñuelas Beach is outlined by Avenida del Mar de La Serena. This beach is famous for its shallow and warm waters. Its main spots are the Riding Club, the Exhibition Center, the Casino and the fishing cove. This place features first class services as regards accommodation, cuisine and entertainment.

La Herradura

It is 2 kilometers to the South of Coquimbo. It is an old fishing cove and copper smelting. Today it is an attractive tourist beach resort which features day campsites, a yacht club, hotels, cottages and other tourist services. Its warm and gentle waters make this beach ideal to have a bath and practice water sports such as windsurfing and diving, among others.

Coquimbo Beaches

Totoralillo Beach

This 2-kilometer-long beach with a small peninsula and a rocky landscape is located 17 kilometers to the South of Coquimbo. Its transparent waters attract the attention of tourists who enjoy having a bath, fishing, diving, underwater fishing and surfing, as well. Amenities at this beach include Polynesian style cottages and a sophisticated restaurant.

Las Tacas Beach Resort

This is a gorgeous tourist complex nestled by an exclusive and sheltered white sandy beach that stretches along 500 meters with a gentle slope towards the ocean. It is 19 kilometers South of Coquimbo. For those who wish to practice water sports such as sailing, surfing and diving, this is the perfect site. This spot offers an apart hotel, aerodrome, sport fields, gym, meeting rooms, discos, pubs, pools and outdoors entertainment.

Coquimbo Beaches

Guanaqueros Bay

Its beach resort is 7 kilometers long and 50 meters wide. Guanaqueros Beach is located 34 kilometers to the South of Coquimbo. It is one of the main tourist centers of the region and features a wide variety of accommodation options, mainly cottages and day campsites. Here you can rent a summer house on a daily or week basis. For those who love boat and shore fishing, this is an ideal place with a picturesque cove where you can get seafood.


Our route reaches Tongoy, 48 kilometer to the South of Coquimbo. It is a beach resort where most of its inhabitants are fishermen. It is located on a peninsula within a small bay which forms a rocky range known as Lengua de Vaca, part of which lies submerged underwater. It offers visitors a wonderful microclimate, since the annual temperature is 18° C with a few seasonal variations. One of the highlights in regional cuisine is the specialty of oysters farmed in this bay. This site also offers accommodation, cottages and day campsites.

Here, we briefly describe the spots we liked most. Now, all you need to do is to choose your beach according to your taste and needs, and set out in search for the sunshine, the wind and the waves of the transparent Pacific Ocean

Coquimbo Beaches
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Useful Data

How to get there

The best way to get to these beach resorts is along Ruta Panamericana N° 5, with some detours to reach the beaches.

Opening hours

The beach resorts are open at any time, but camping is not permitted.

Bear in mind

Please remember to wear UV sunscreen before sunbathing. Then relax and have a rest on the beach. It is a successful recipe!

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