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Concón has managed to occupy a top position as the gastronomical capital of Chile as a result of its culinary excellence and the quality of its products. We toured around the most outstanding venues and learnt about the preparation of seafood, fish and fine meat.

Gastronomic Tour in Concón

It is said that learning about the gastronomy of a people, the habits and variants of its cuisine helps understand its idiosyncrasy. In this sense, speaking about Concón practically implies talking about its cooking expertise. Therefore, it is not hard to understand its habits and customs. Certainly, this district in the V Region of Chile has put special emphasis in the art of cooking, to the extent that it is acknowledged as the gastronomical capital of Chile.
Following this premise, we were determined to browse the offer of its 60 venues, specially focused on dishes made with seafood, fish and criollo recipes, and to taste the flavors that have made this place so popular.
In order to organize the gourmet tour, it is ideal to visit the three most important areas in the district, where eating well is a daily matter. These places are La Boca, Caleta Higuerillas and Higuerillas Alto.

Gastronomic Tour in Concón

It is most convenient to visit these places with enough time to spare so as to tour around the various restaurants and appreciate their façades before choosing the most attractive alternative. The aromas of elaborate dishes were becoming more and more present as time for lunch was near and we soon found the most appropriate site.
As we tasted the gourmet delicacies served at these gastronomical venues, we realized that the fact that this place was known as the gastronomical capital of the country was not a simple summer slogan. It was a well-deserved title obtained due to the quality of service, the constant training and the remarkable growth of each business.

Gastronomic Tour in Concón

In this occasion, we stopped at Bellamar. A cozy atmosphere, a spacious site and decoration typical of the port are part of this venue. Large windows overlooking the ocean invite the tourists on the beach to look inside. The chords of a guitar and the voice of a singer became the center of attention as we waited for our order.
We tasted a "Seafood Garden", a dish made with fresh sea fruit such as jaibas, prawns, locos, large oysters, clams, squid and salmon ceviche. All these ingredients were very well seasoned and bathed in lemon juice.
For those who like fish, there are multiple alternatives. They may taste albacoras, conger, hake, sole, salmon, corvinas, reinetas and tuna. Fine and delicious sauces provide a special touch to the presentation of the dishes. The most popular are Margarita, Valentino, Roquefort, Pimienta Verde, Pil Pil and Bellamar.

Gastronomic Tour in Concón

Today, people must queue to enter the restaurants of this community. You only need to come around any of the three areas we have just mentioned in order to see for yourself. Demanding palates will be more than satisfied once they visit the restaurants at Concón. We surely recommend them.

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How to get there

The gastronomical areas in Concón are properly laid out. Get a map at the Tourist Office and you will easily spot them.

Opening hours

Restaurants at Concón are open from 11am to 12pm.

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