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A Tour to the Pangue Caves

Pablo Etchevers Jorge González

A few kilometers away from the Chillán Hots Springs, there is a tour for visitors of all ages that has come to be called the “Pangue Cave”. It would be a pity not to see it.

Visit to the Pangue Cave - Chillán

From the moment we got on the bus, the tour took a few minutes. We came across a gate where a sign displaying an arrow pointing up showed us the way to the cave.
All of us, about ten pilgrims of nature (of all ages) slowly formed a line to start walking up a slope that did not present any difficulties.
A hundred meters from the starting point, the trail became more and more narrow and the temperature experienced a considerable drop. The guides would describe the various plant and bushes around us.
At times we felt that, in addition to getting deep into the forest, we were getting into the mountain too, which forms a narrow tunnel up to a natural throat that plunges into a beautiful fall of fresh water.

Visit to the Pangue Cave - Chillán

Worshipping Nature
It is hard to put the image into words but here is an attempt: a real shower and spray baptized all visitors as the rainbow found its way amidst the mountain, the forest and the waterfall.
Darkness was interrupted by some sunbeams that percolated through the large trees and let us keep on walking around the footbridges until we touched the water with our own hands.
Almost imitating the single line that led us there, most of us began to look for shelter inside the throat formed by the mountain, where there was space even to take photographs.

Visit to the Pangue Cave - Chillán

There, over the rocks, a dozen statues of the Virgin would watch the impressiveness of nature as the most religious prayed or left some offering.
Below, a jealously kept treasure waited: a group of orchids of rare colors and huge wild ferns enjoyed the marshland formed by this beautiful geographical feature.

Visit to the Pangue Cave - Chillán
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Useful Data

Bear in mind

Age is not an impediment for this tour. Wear comfortable clothes and proper shoes; carry a stick (if necessary) and a bottle of water to avoid dehydration.

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