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Wines and Wineries at Itata Valley

Karina Jozami Santiago Gaudio

Itata Valley features unique characteristics in the Southern region which have made it outstand for its high quality winegrowing development.

Itata Valley, Wine Route - Chillán

To the Southwest of Chillán, in the Province of Ñuble, there lies Itata Valley, the largest winegrowing region in Southern Chile. Crossed by the Itata and Ñuble Rivers, this area features unique characteristics in the southern lands: its humid Mediterranean weather, the presence of lower temperatures than in other valleys and well defined seasons, a good soil and plenty of light.

With such privileges, the vineyards growing on the eastern slope of the coastline mountain range succeed in producing high quality grapes and in laying out a wine route worth visiting.

Itata Valley, Wine Route - Chillán

The itinerary includes seven young undertakings, namely: Casas de Giner, Viñas Valle del Itata, Viñas de Chillán (Tierra y Fuego), Largui, Casanueva, Viñas Männle and Tierra de Arrau, which work hard to welcome visitors and show them the secrets of wine.

From Grape to Wine

Itata Valley, Wine Route - Chillán

The vines nestled on the picturesque hills dazzle visitors with their natural beauty. According to Chilean experts, Itata Valley managed to produce the best wines in the country in the days of the colony. At present, the wineries search to rescue that ancient winemaking legacy that had been thrown into oblivion. They grow fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Merlot, Tintórera, Semillón, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, among others. They focus on organic production and high quality standards.

Thus, the tour around the Itata Valley wineries invites national and foreign travelers to watch the winemaking process, from the harvest (depending on the season), to tasting the wine and some gastronomic delicacies at their own restaurants.
In turn, Viñas de Chillán also proposes to enjoy a stay at its exclusive hotel with interesting programs to discover the charming world of wine.

Itata Valley, Wine Route - Chillán
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