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Outdoor Hot Spring Harmony

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Under a cloudless blue sky each of the thermal water pools provides both relaxation and recreation.

Puritama Hot Springs - San Pedro de Atacama

Close to San Pedro de Atacama, the mineral thermal water in Puritama Hot Springs comes from a river, bordered by hardy vegetation and boxed in by steep rocks at a height of 3500 meters.

We drove out of the city in search of these healing waters in the Atacama Desert. Upon arrival we left our car in the parking lot and walked down a path along a ravine bordered by red flash and sunningdale silver, typical of the region. Guided by the sound of the river, we came to the first pool.

The terrain is quite steep and the natural height differences result in small falls along the river. Each reservoir flows into the next while the temperature is hotter at the higher levels and cooler at the lower ones. There are wooden walkways surrounded by reeds and bulrushes where visitors can relax after their bath.

Puritama Hot Springs - San Pedro de Atacama

We spent some time in each thermal pool, thoroughly enjoying the warm water and the massage of the falls on our backs. We stopped to have a picnic tea we had packed for the occasion and got a suntan at the same time. Our bodies benefited from the changes in temperature (between 30° and 25°) and it was only in the late evening when a breeze made us put on something warm and head back to town.

Puritama Hot Springs - San Pedro de Atacama

Before leaving the venue, we went to the only service provided: the rustic changing rooms where the attendants told us the water from the Puritama contains sodium sulphate, magnesium, potassium and calcium in therapeutic doses and that there is absolutely no human intervention as the water temperature is totally natural.

The simplicity of the place adds to its charm. We thanked nature for its power because, after visiting the five recreational points of this healing river, our bodies were free of weariness and routine.

Puritama Hot Springs - San Pedro de Atacama


Municipalidad de San Pedro de Atacama

Gustavo Padre Le Paige 328, (1410000) , San Pedro de Atacama, II Región de Antofagasta
Tel: +56 55-569200
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Useful Data

How to get there

The hot springs are located 40 km from San Pedro de Atacama. Drive 30 km along Machuca route and turn right into a dirt road and follow the signs. Travel agencies provide transfers, opening times and admission fees. Service is also provided by Hotel Explora situated at the upper stretch of the river.


Municipalidad de San Pedro de Atacama

Gustavo Padre Le Paige 328
San Pedro de Atacama
II Región de Antofagasta
Tel: +56 55-569200

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