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A Window Into Bolivia

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A tour to get deep into Bolivian territory. The Southwest of Bolivia features a group of red, green and blue lagoons dwelled by all kinds of birds, amongst which the pink flamingo stands out.

Visit to the Bolivian High Plateau from Atacama

At a height of over 5,000 meters, beautiful lagoons of various colors may be spotted. La Colorada and la Verde are the most outstanding. Not only can visitors appreciate the flora and fauna of the plateau, but they can also be easily delighted by the thousands of flamingos who are the protagonists in a kingdom of pink that teaches us how survival is possible at thousands of meters of height. Seeing them is a unique, special show. In addition to having an unequalled color that attracts the sight from hundreds of meters away, these birds have such a glamorous and majestic gait that watching them walk is fascinating.
Going northwards, various huge rocks with strange shapes appear from real deserts of sand. An ancient formation known as “The Tree of Stone”, perfectly carved by nature, stands out.

Visit to the Bolivian High Plateau from Atacama

epígrafe: The “Eduardo Avaroa” National Andean Fauna Reserve lodges extraordinary lagoons, a huge diversity of flora and a group of geysers and geothermal activity wells of amazing beauty.
Continuing to the North, the Eduardo Avaroa” National Andean Fauna Reserve is reached. It is located in the South of the District of Potosí. In an area of 7,147 square kilometers, it lodges extraordinary lagoons, a huge diversity of flora and a group of geysers and geothermal activity wells of amazing beauty. The weather is cold and dry and heights range between 4,200 and 6,000 meters above sea level.
Red like its Flamingoes
This is maybe the most attractive lagoon in the whole set formed by the lagoons of the plateau. Its sediments, rich in iron as well as in zooplakton and phytoplankton, contribute with a special reddish shade that covers its surface and catches the attention of visitors.
Located 4,278 meters above sea level, La Colorada Lagoon spreads across a surface of 60 square kilometers. The red color of the lagoon is enhanced by the local attraction: the pink flamingoes.

Visit to the Bolivian High Plateau from Atacama

There are many legends in the area which assure that the flamingoes acquired their characteristic pink shade once they got in contact with these waters. Thousands of incredible birds alight on its surface and co-exist in large flocks that offer a special show for the eyes of visitors.
The quietness of the place is only interrupted when the flamingoes hear some sound or pick up a sign of danger. And when this happens, thousands of birds start to run on their large legs and soar into the sky, generating real pink clouds and flying without direction until, once the danger has passed, they resolve to land once more on the lagoon. An impressive instance for a photograph.

Visit to the Bolivian High Plateau from Atacama
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Useful Data

How to get there

Take the International Road leading to the Jama Pass (Argentina) in San Pedro de Atacama. Then follow the signs indicating entrances to the Bolivian territory. This is a journey along rubble roads that cross several salt deposits up to the lagoons. Take extra fuel and food, as such supplies can only be bought at San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) and Uyuni (Bolivia).

Bear in mind

4WD vehicles leave from San Pedro de Atacama every day. This kind of excursions join San Pedro and Uyuni (Bolivia), where the largest and highest salt deposit in the world is located. An enigmatic and mystic place.

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