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Handicrafts Market

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A varied offer of items, colorful stands and the chance to watch the craftsmen work make up a permanent association of exhibition and sale of valuable pieces.

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market is located at the square known as Plaza de Armas and it displays products made by hand using materials from the region.

We went around the stands and stopped once and again to have a look at what the artists make with their wit and their own hands. The elements used come from the Community of Aysén. They are treated with different techniques according to what each craftsman has studied and their own creativity.

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market

The wool, native wood, naturally treated leather, stone and ceramic used for these crafts have been worked with effort and dedication, with a useful aim. We observed the processes carried out by two weavers to turn their wool into elaborate pieces. One of them used a loom to make delightful carpets. The other one was making everyday items of clothing such as T-shirts, stocking and berets with sheep wool.

Farther ahead, we had a chat with some ceramists from Puerto Ibáñez. They sell their products very well among tourists. We also saw wood-carved pieces and baskets made with vegetable fibers. These works require long hours and much skill.

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market

Some creations made with fish skin fascinated us. They are managed with exquisite regional identity technique. Many of these artisans come from nearby districts such as Puerto Cisnes, Chile Chico, Cochrane, Puerto Aysén and Puyuhuapi.

Handmade delicacies were also present. Liqueur, jam and pies made with local fruit, cakes and some pickles tempted us to buy some products to taste at home or as presents for friends and family.

Bustling and popular, with various artistic forms, the handicrafts market provides a distinctive and folkloric tone to the city, highlighting the trade of being and feeling like artisans.

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market
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Tour type

artesanal - étnico

Useful Data

How to get there

Coyhaique Handicrafts Market is located right in front of Plaza de Armas in the city.

Opening hours

Open everyday from 9am to 8pm.

Bear in mind

The ceramics coming from Puerto Ibáñez have been remarkably accepted throughout Chile. The purchase of any of the handicrafts for sale support the hand techniques used by their makers.

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