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A Tour around Old Chillán, Cradle of the Liberator

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Old Chillán, one of the boundaries of the new City of Chillán, was the cradle of the liberator Bernardo O´Higgins, who was born in August 20, 1778. Nothing more, nothing less.

Visit to Old Chillán

The first Spanish fort in the region was founded in 1579 in order to defend the Spaniards from Indian raids. One year later, in June 26, 1580, governor don Martín Ruiz de Gamboa founded the city and gave it the name of Chillán. Ever since, the city has been destroyed and reconstructed several times.

In 1751, don Domingo Ortiz de Rozas ordered that the city should be moved to the place called Arco de la Horca (The Gallows’ Arch) which then came to be known as “the Community of Chillán”. Due to its height, this place would not be flooded when the volume of the rivers bordering the city increased.

At that moment, nobody had considered the earthquakes. The quake of 1835 was one of the strongest to hit the region. Therefore, the city was to be reconstructed within a short distance of the existing settlement.

Visit to Old Chillán

This new city was called Chillán and the old settlement, which most families refused to abandon, came to be known as Old Chillán. Today, both of them co-exist fraternally.

What to Visit

The main tourist attraction in Old Chillán is the Bernardo O´Higgins Monumental Park, which stands opposite the Plaza de Armas Isabel Riquelme. In addition to touring around the venue, it is possible to appreciate its large trees and be amazed at the park’s wall.

Featuring the primitive peoples, the conquerors and the national liberation army, this beautiful mural enables visitors to get deep into a tour across the history of this country.

Visit to Old Chillán

A monument pays tribute to the Liberator inside this venue and it represents another attraction for visitors. The braveness of the horseman and his horse is the protagonist of every photograph.

The local church and the town hall, along with the cultural historical center, are other institutions in this old but historical community.


Oficina de Turismo

18 de Septiembre 455, (3780000) , Chillán, VIII Región del Biobio
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Useful Data

Bear in mind

Bernardo O´Higgins Street crosses both cities and enables visitors to observe two stages -before and after-, especially in the features of earthquake safe buildings, which are predominant in the New Chillán.


Oficina de Turismo

18 de Septiembre 455
VIII Región del Biobio

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