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Lake Yelcho and its Surroundings

Pablo Etchevers Jorge González

Lying 46 kilometers to the South of Chaitén, the waters of Lake Yelcho feature an emerald green hue. It is considered one of the most beautiful water bodies in Chile. Fishing there is out of this world.

Visit to Lake Yelcho - Chaitén

A trail in a temperate rainforest, where huge rhubarbs are plentiful, surprises visitors as they hike around watching all kinds of birds that cross their way without fear.

Walking around the local forests and glaciers is a constant activity, both for experts on hiking and for beginners in outdoor activities. All visitors may be dazzled by the wonderful sights of the Michimahuida Volcano and the Yelcho Glacier, as well as by the gorgeous lake.

It is a fantastic and overwhelming feeling. The trails leading to the glacier get man in contact with a giant exemplar of nature which has been patiently taking shape for thousands of years.

Lying 46 kilometers South of Chaitén, Lake Yelcho occupies 11 thousand hectares of emerald green waters and it is considered one of the most beautiful in Chile.

Bordered by high snow-capped mountains whose hillsides are upholstered by forests, there are very few free beaches. However, the beauty of its waters becomes the protagonist at first sight.

Trout and salmon fishing there is second to none and the fanaticism it awakes among Chilean anglers is such that there is no fisherman in the entire country who has not dreamed about fishing in its waters some day.

Visit to Lake Yelcho - Chaitén

Puerto Cárdenas, on the northern shore of the lake, is one of the most visited sites by both locals and tourists. Several services are available and various tours may be hired there. The most outstanding is the excursion around the nearby hamlets. This is an excellent area for salmon and trout fishing.

The national fly-fishing record was broken here with a salmon weighing over 17 kilograms – a good motivation to organize a fishing outing that might last from one to six days around islands and coves.

El Amarillo Hot Springs

Leaving from Chaitén, travelers must cover a distance of 25 kilometers to El Amarillo. Once there, they will see a path on the left which will lead them through a forest up to the hot springs, whose waters have been detected but there is no service or equipment available.

From a crater of the Michimahuida Volcano, just one hour away from the town of Chaitén, healthy waters with medicinal properties spring out of the Earth at a temperature that may reach 50 °C.

The District of Santa Bárbara lies 12 kilometers away towards the North of Chaitén. This is a beautiful beach of fine sands and crystal-clear waters where visitors may enjoy swimming or fishing. A wonderful sight of the gorgeous scenery is caught from this spot, with the Corcovado Volcano in the background.

The mountains plunge into the river and ancient Patagonian cypresses appear before the visitors’ eyes –some of them are burnt down and many are still alive. More than one person is needed to embrace them.

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Due to the eruption of the Chaitén Volcano, visitors to the area must stay in the neighboring Districts of Santa Bárbara and Puerto Cárdenas, minimum but essential service centers to see Chaitén and its surroundings.

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