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Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde

Mónica Pons Eduardo Epifanio

Very near the town of Lago Verde, we were astonished by rock paintings which, according to experts, represent the track of ancient Indians who passed through this land.

Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde

As soon as we learned about these paintings, several questions arose in our minds: how long have they been there? How is it possible that they are still there? Are they real? What should we know in order to decipher their meaning?
Cristian Solís, one of the local hiking guides invited us to join him on a tour to those rock walls where these beautiful tracks of past civilizations have been printed. We accepted at once and set out towards the Argentinian border, to Las Pampas Pass.

As we watched the milestone marking the international boundary, Cristian told us that some of the first families that settled down in the area had come from Argentina. Cristian himself has the same surname as the first colonists and has known this area since he was a little boy.

Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde

An Accidental Finding

Before discovering this work of primitive art, Cristina went across this place a thousand times. He used to watch some reddish spots from a distance and they had always caught his eye. Until on one occasion, when he was with a group of friends, they reached that place and were astonished at what they had just found.

We had already walked almost 3 kilometers when we came before a large white rock wall displaying the paintings.

Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde

Figures with Shape

As we came closer, we made out some real-size hand shapes whose fingers were smaller than ours. In turn, we saw a sequence of almost parallel lines: they were 76 in all.

This finding attracted archeologists specialized in the subject who confirmed the authenticity of the rock paintings.

It was strange that this kind of findings usually takes place inside caverns or caves and, in this case, the paintings were quite exposed to the wind erosion. This was quite unusual.

Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde

They have been attributed to unknown ethnic groups. Maybe they were hunters who moved from one place to another chasing some prey. Afterwards, it was the Tehuelche indians who occupied this zone.

It is said that these paintings are 9,000 years old and they are very similar to those found at Puerto Ibáñez, in Southern Chile.

On our way back

Once we started our way back, Cristian offered us a book specialized in rock paintings which tells about the finding of these marks made hundreds of years ago. We thought it was an excellent idea to experience the practice and then read the theory.

Vacations can give us more than just a rest. We can learn something new. 

Startling rock paintings in Lago Verde
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This place lies just 3 kilometers away from Lago Verde. The road is made of gravel; therefore, it is advisable to reach this attraction either on a 4WD or on foot.


Cristian Solís - Guía de Trekking

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Facultad Ciencias Sociales - Antropología

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